Come join us on February 24th, from 10 am until 6 pm as we welcome our first Psychic Fair of the year! Listed below are the bio's of our readers, healers, and mystics that will be at this Fair.

Each session with the practitioner of your choice is only $20 for 20 minutes, unless otherwise noted.


Annette is a certified Theta Healer and Reiki Master. She has also studied astrology, numerology and card reading for many years. She has a gift with helping people through the knowledge she's gained and through using her natural intuition. Annette is certified to practice and instruct Foot Zone Therapy and Reflexology. She is a doTerra essential oils wellness and herbal supplement coach, a life coach and has a BA from Idaho State. She is an elementary music teacher and the owner of her Nettie’s Natural Healing business. 

Annette can use her empathic gifts and the use of the healing modalities she's learned to help her clients and students heal. She uses special training to help them realize which feelings and emotions are causing their pain, ailments, illnesses, sicknesses and diseases. She can also incorporate her skills with balancing energy and connecting metaphysically to heal. Additionally, Annette loves to help people receive answers to life's tough questions through mediums such as astrology and numerology, as well as tarot and guidance cards. 

Annette is offering reiki energy balancing, theta spiritual healing, card readings, and foot zone reflexology at the Psychic Fair

Greg practices Neurological Linguistics Programming (NLP). NLP might seem like magic or hypnosis. During therapy the subject goes deep into their unconscious mind and shifts through layers and layers of beliefs and perceptions to become aware. NLP techniques involve non-evasive, medicine free therapy that helps the client discover new ways of dealing with emotional problems, setting goals, changing moods, and getting out of pain. They are also great for relaxation. 


Greg will be offering Quantum shifts, setting anchors, and Quantum questioning.

Kathy Benjamin is an intuitive life coach, specializing in angel readings, grieving sessions, inner child sessions, chakra balancing and emotional freedom technique (EFT) for animals. She has exercised her spiritual gifts for over nine years and has the uncanny ability to feel a person’s energy and know what is going on with that person. She has a way of putting everyone at ease and provides information in a straight forward, honest way, without judging. As well as her intuitive gift with people, she also has a special connection with animals and the amazing relationships between people and their fur kids.


She has firsthand experience dealing with the emotions associated with CPTSD. She trained and received her certification as an intuitive life coach in September of 2009, from Sandra Baker (  Kathy teaches a Chakra 101 class providing a basic understanding of the seven major chakras and how keeping your chakras balanced can improve your life. One of the most effective ways she has found to provide guidance in everyday life is with an angel reading. An angel reading is a session all about you. It provides insight into your spiritual connections and is accurate and uplifting. Kathy is very passionate about assisting others on their journey and absolutely LOVES to do angel readings for people.


Some comments from clients include: “you are my angel”, “truly inspired”, “one of the most shocking and beautiful experiences”, “I have found her insight and sensitivity to be amazing”, and “a most amazing gift”.  


Come experience an honest, uplifting reading to help you in your life’s journey.


Kathy is offering Angel Readings and Chakra Balancing at the Psychic Fair

Kathy Nave is a recognized Reiki Master and Energy Intuitive who draws on her gifts of clairvoyance and channeling to gain insights for her clients. She specializes in personal readings as well as channeling loved ones that have passed over.  In addition to Reiki she also offers: IONIC DETOX FOOT BATHS 







Set your Mind and Spirit free, Let love fill your Heart!

Kathy will be offering readings and healings at the Psychic Fair.

Kebbie loves assisting others in their discovery of their own empowerment and learning how to embrace their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

 She offers:

·         Aura and chakra imaging.  It is very interesting to observe the differences in the colors and clarity of our auras and the strength and clarity of our chakras in real-time depending on our physical, mental, emotion and/or spiritual well-being.

·         HeartMath Stress Management System including the option to create a HeartMath Cloud account for future reference and comparison with future sessions

·         Personalized numerology report based on your date of birth and the numerical essence of your name

 Kebbie has been certified as a Level IV Bowen Therapeutic Technique practitioner for over 20 years.  This technique has enabled her to assist in the relief of many of her clients’ aches and pains.  Bowen Therapeutic Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy developed by the late Tom Bowen, of Geelong, Australia.  Sometimes called the homeopathy of bodywork, it utilizes subtle inputs to the body (known as moves), stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.

Kebbie is a Reiki Master who acknowledges her Truth that each and every one of us has equal access to the Universal Life Force Energy or “chi” (also known as prana, qi, ki) to the extent we each embrace it.

The elimination of stress and tension is critical to the improvement and maintenance of overall

well- being. I specialize in cupping techniques, advanced pain management, Swedish &

therapeutic massage, Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy. I love being able to help people relax,

relieve pain and promote healing.  My love of bodywork comes through in every single session.

I love Massage & Reiki for the holistic, healing aspects of the mind, body, and spirit that they


I grew up in Rexburg, ID. I have two grown children and 3 wonderful grandsons. I enjoy warm

weather, going barefoot, spending time in the outdoors, relaxing on my deck & being with my



Kimberly is offering 20 minute Massage, Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy sessions at the Psychic Fair

Kristin Wathen has over 20 years of experience doing readings, healings and spiritual development, Certified in Archangel Michael's "I AM Mastery" by Ronna Herman.  She also studied ArchAngel Haniel's 156 Levels of Consciousness with Audrey Hanson at Wings Alive, with extensive research of the Power of the Sub-conscious mind and the Law of Attraction. Kristin is also Certified in Angel Therapy, a Certified Intuitive Instructor and Practitioner, a Certified Bowen Therapist, and a Certified Remote Crystal Viewing Instructor and Practitioner. As a natural intuitive, Kristin is driven by her passions in seeing clients and students grow and flourish physically, emotionally and spiritually. Kristin believes that the greatest gift is to be able to help another person achieve their goals, dreams and desires.

She will be doing Angelic and Intuitive Readings at this Psychic Fair.

My name is Linda Clark; I am an Insight Reiki Master and  a Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner. I’ve been practicing Reiki for two years. I am looking forward to helping you create the same joyful balance it helped me build in my life.

I use Tibetan Singing Bowls and crystals in my sessions to help increase the benefits of Reiki and add a deeper level of relaxation. 

Lyle began his journey more than 20 years ago by taking classes from Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, before ThetaHealing even had a name. He has been doing energy work on family and friends ever since, and has developed his own special styles, all of which involve raising your vibration and releasing that which does not serve you in your highest and best. 

Lyle has 3 different healing modalities: The White Light Healing, The Vibrational Release, and The Elevator Effect-similar to Reiki.

For the Psychic Fair, Lyle will be offering 40 minute Healing Sessions for $35.

Nichelle Moonshadow is founder and owner of Medicine Muse located in Idaho Falls. She strives to end suffering for Divine Universe and all beings through love, healing and ancestral medicine. Targeting complete mind, body, and spirit, she works with Spirit and her guides to heal according to Creator's will. Nichelle comes from a long lineage of medicine and healing. As an intuitive spiritual healer, she practices and teaches many different spirit guided modalities and performs healings for all of universe.


Nichelle will be offering energy healing and muscle testing at the Psychic Fair.

Orianna has been studying astrology since she was thirteen. She believes that astrology can serve as a blueprint of a person’s personality, giving them greater insight into their likes, dislikes, and what makes them tick.  Astrology also lends itself to helping you co-create your future.  Along with astrology readings, Orianna uses oracle cards to gain greater perspective of the questions people may ask regarding to career, love, and what the future may hold.

Orianna is also a Reiki master and is currently studying numerology.



Today she will be reading oracle cards and giving astrology readings.

Ronda Friesen, Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant


HI!  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I love animals and nature, and it was through this love that I started my journey of spiritual healings and clairvoyance.  I have studied for 20+ years with Michael and Raphaelle Tamura.  I use various energetic tools in my energetic practice, such as a blossoming rose to free blocked energy, and replacing it with a golden sun to replenish that blocked energy with new and validating energies from spirit.  I also love meditation work that uplifts and heals one’s connection with spirit.  I can help others learn to use their intuition, to heal, and to open up their creativity to fulfill their life’s purpose.  That said, I am also an artist! As I learned to open up my energy, art capabilities just started pouring out of me.  You may even have seen some of my work around the green belt here in Idaho Falls!


Additionally, I work with horses doing a natural, intuitive horsemanship, that leaves both horse and rider wanting more.


If you are interested in developing more awareness about yourself, or spiritual

healing, and would like to meet me, I am ready!  Come on by!  I am currently teaching Meditation 101, every Wednesday at Healing Hands, and will be teaching advanced meditation in the future.

Shana will be reading Tarot at our Psychic Fair!

Shannon Schwartz is a professional palmist with nearly fifteen years of experience; reading palms of all ages.  Her style is firmly rooted in a traditional two-hand, in-person reading that focuses on helping her clientele identify their strengths and talents.  She has an in-depth understanding of all the major lines and mounts, as well as many rare marks unknown to most palmists.  Her professional career has been heavily influenced by the master palmist Cheiro, who himself studied under the Gurus of India, and is regarded as the foremost expert on the science of palmistry. 


When she isn’t reading palms, Shannon spends much of her time expanding her knowledge of the human hand and is currently working on several topical research projects focused on twins and two-spirit humans.  She also is known for her natural healing remedies, organically grown herbs, and sharing her knowledge of the old ways with others.  Shannon is also an accomplished artist, decorator, and Reiki Master.  She’s an old soul who can connect with all people, leaving them in a much better place than where they had been.



Shannon will be reading palms!

Dr. Sheena Boyd

Dr. Boyd will be offering free chiropractic consultations with the availability of deeply discounted exam appointments for scheduling, at the Psychic Fair.  That is, after chatting, if you schedule and prepay for a future exam appointment with Dr. Boyd at the fair, you will get the exam for $19, rather than $59! 

Free Chiropractic Consultations!

Steven Friesen is a natural clairvoyant, a crystalline kid that has come in to help others create positive changes. He is a bright and extraordinary soul in this world.  He has a treasure of love and wisdom to offer those who are seeking their way in life!

He spiritually works the energy by clearing and replenishing energy to create a harmonious flow with the oneness. His meditation work helps others find their way, showing them tools they can use in everyday life to know their soul’s purpose.

Every Healing will allow you to have more of yourself. Steven will teach your spirit how to release any others’ energy, resistance, and limitations in your space. He will also clean chakras, and repair rips and holes in your aura. He will bring in a message that your spirit wants you to know from the past that will benefit you now. He also will channel his healing master to benefit you. He finishes up by filling you with Life Force Energy! 

Tara is a homeschooling mom of five.  She has worked with women as a birth doula and offering breastfeeding peer support to other mothers. In the Spring of 2015, it was found that she had melanoma. It was during the procedures to save her life that she discovered reiki energy moving within her body. She experienced light beings singing around her and supporting her in her healing. It was also during this time that she began experiencing messages from ancestors and guides. After this life changing experience she found the amazing and wonderful mentors at Healing Hands and learned to channel these experiences into energy work that she is excited to share in helping others find their own way to healing.


Tara is an intuitive and Usui trained reiki master who uses reiki healing, inspiration and intuition, crystals, Shamanic work and messages from guides to help you on your journey to your own balance and healing. Tara can use her skills to clear energetic cords, attachments and negative energies.  She is working with DNA healing and release as well as past life and ancestral healing.  Tara has also been led to help others through mediumship work.

You can also find her on her business page at


For this Psychic Fair, Tara is offering chakra balancing, cord pulling, aura clearing, reiki healing, or mediumship sessions.

Tara Lee is a Transformative Healing Artist combing her gifts as a psychic, channel, medium and artist with her education in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology received from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in October 2015. Tara offers her signature Soul Imprint session in which she is able to tune into the clients unique soul matrix using her gifts through sacred geometry to channel and draw a soul map. This is a multi-dimensional process that brings forward the clients soul essence giving her very accurate and clear information pertaining to all areas of soul wisdom; this is a true soul coaching experience. Through this unique process Tara is also able to fine tune a session to a specific trauma, question, or relationship to offer the client precise answers and healing directly from their own soul energy. In addition, Tara offers a one of a kind Soul Portrait, a beautiful artistic representation of the clients’ soul energy created through channeled process with mixed media which includes a written intuitive interpretation that shines a light on that Divine Beauty and unique spark within. Tara specializes in past life, ancestral and quantum healing. She is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner and Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master.

At her core Tara is an artist and lives by the heartbeat of inspiration. In session she intuitively aligns with Spirit becoming a conduit of transformation, allowing Spirit to guide the session. Tara utilizes her gifts and graces to help the client come to their own awareness then she compassionately empowers and facilitates them in igniting their own healing by harnessing a variety of holistic healing tools that focus on releasing trauma and fear, offering pain relief, shifting beliefs and habits and embracing the Divine Beauty within.

Tara Lee believes that a prosperous and beautiful life is all about the vibe and so she thoroughly embraces the idea that we are co-creators of our own experience. By consciously choosing each vibration and thought with awareness and intention she knows we can gracefully allow ourselves to authentically live in each moment, fully inspired and connected to our own Divine Beauty and Grace. In December 2015 because of her passion for healing and transformation and to honor her own soul purpose she founded Soul Path Transformational Services. Tara Lee has worked as an in-house reader and energy healing facilitator at The Purple Moon in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho since June 2012. She continues to work out of The Purple Moon and in addition, she now works out of Healing Hands in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Tara will frequently work with clients through long distance sessions but also travels throughout the United States to work with clients by invitation, always walking in Beauty following her Soul Path through the heartbeat of inspiration.

During the psychic fair Tara Lee will be offering mini Soul Imprint sessions. Because of the detailed nature of the session the mini version will require 40-45 minutes and be $35.