Readings/Energy Healing/Other Services

To book with a practitioner, give them a call or text and schedule directly with them.

Kaylee Stemkoski - tarot readings 208-201-4855

Kaylee is also the  owner of our joint Etsy Store, "Not your Basic B"

Tara Vogler (reiki, massage, mediumship, cranio-sacral therapy) book here

Kathy Benjamin (angel card readings, mediumship) 208-406-2951 

Lyle Barney (quantum energy) 208-516-0017

Marie Olsen (tarot card readings) 208-200-2869

Rachael Grover (mediumship, intuitive) 208-881-8607

Katie Weaver (reiki, mediumship, intuitive) 208-557-1573

Karyn Kidd (body code, emotion code, LED light therapy) 208-821-8222

Nichole Goodsell-Hall (tarot card readings) 208-206-0137

Ed Kohout (Astrology) 208-352-0022