Kind and Gentle Chiropractic

DR. Sheena Boyd; BA, DC

I am Dr. Sheena Boyd, BA, DC, and I am bringing my unique Chiropractic approach and rejuvenating skills to you!  After practicing in California for 6 years, Kind & Gentle Chiropractic is now in your neighborhood.  Consider it sensitive spine care that respects, and works with, your body's inborn healing mechanisms.  


Rather that force joints to move, I prefer reminding them how they "should" move.  Reminding them enough how they should move will then create an environment for the spinal joints to want to align better, stay aligned, and then move normally--on their own!  I find that less is truly more in many (if not most) Chiropractic cases.  Since chiropractic optimizes the way the spine moves, the way it communicates information between your brain and all the tissues and cells of your body, and it optimizes the flow of blood, and the flow of the natural fluids around the brain and spinal nerves, it makes sense that a gentler, restorative technique would suit many people.  It also makes sense that many patients notice benefit to their all-over health with Chiropractic care, not just what they feel, or don't feel, in their back or neck.


Payment is due at the time of the visit; cash (exact change is helpful), check, or cards are acceptable methods of payment.  I do not "take" insurance, nor do I bill insurance, nor do I provide superbills for you to submit to insurance.  That game is messy and unfair to those of us on the "wellness cultivation" end of the health spectrum, versus the "disease naming and fighting" end of it.  I don't like it, so, I don't play that game.  Additionally, even if you want to pay cash and don't care about potential reimbursement at all, if you are admittedly a Medicare Part B subscriber, I CANNOT offer care in anyway to you.  I am not part of the Medicare system, so it is illegal for me to even examine you.  There are plenty of other Chiropractors out there that are set up with that system should you "have" Medicare B and desire Chiropractic.  Please do contact them.

Rarely are x-rays indicated if you are eligible for chiropractic adjusting with me.  My exams are very hands on.  I can tell if it is safe to adjust, necessary to adjust, and tell the best way to adjust, via palpation, visualization, orthopedic and neuromusculoskeletal tests that require little technology beside my hands, eyes and brain.  I use valid, rational assessment and adjusting techniques; but, to be perfectly honest, I'm an Intuitive, too.  I haven't quite figured out how to talk about how I connect as I do with my patients on a personal level, but I am working on it.  Calling myself a "clairsentient empath Chiropractor" seems over-the-top for business cards or newspaper ads, but, here goes nothing!


My adjusting usually is done with a small, hand held, non-electronic instrument that delivers a quick force into specific parts of the spine, in precise directions.  Occasionally, I will use only my hands for adjusting, but I never, ever, twist, snap, crack, pop, crunch, jump on you, or twist you into a pretzel.  Some people like that style of care--but if you are looking for those types of techniques, I am NOT your woman!  You don't have to crack or pop joints to make changes, though.  With patience and precision, huge, lasting things can happen!

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call me at the same number listed above. 


If you would like to read more about me, what I do, and what patients have experienced, you can check out "Kind & Gentle Chiropractic" on Facebook, or Yelp.  I have a (currently quiet) blog where I also have included further public testimonials:


Thank you and I am super excited to serve you!