We offer a variety of Spiritual and Metaphysical services in our beautiful treatment rooms.

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Reiki is a technique that flows life force energy, or chi, through your body, helping to eliminate stress, lower blood pressure, and relieve pain.  This treatment also cleanses, balances, and aligns your chakras, and cleans and repairs your aura, leaving you grounded, relaxed, and balanced.

$30 for 30 Minutes



Massage Therapy Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork by Kimberly - Give us a call, and we'll get you in as soon as we can, and get you feeling better! Learn More Here.


$35 for 30 Minutes

$60 for 60 Minutes

$90 for 90 Minutes



Kind and Gentle Chiropractic - Dr. Sheena Boyd, BA, DC, brings her unique chiropractic approach and rejuvenating skills to you!  After practicing in California for nearly 5 years, Kind & Gentle Chiropractic is now in your neighborhood.  Consider it sensitive spine care that respects, and works with, your body's inborn healing mechanisms.  Learn More Here.

$95 Initial Exam and Adjustment 

$36 Subsequent Adjustments


Card Readings

Oracle and Tarot Cards

$30 for 30 Minutes


Past Life Regression

A guided and safe journey into a past life 

$100 for 60 Minutes


Chakra Balancing

$30 for 30 Minutes 

Psychic Readings

$30 for 30 Minutes 


$30 for 30 Minutes 

Crystal Therapy

$30 for 30 Minutes 

Singing Bowl Therapy

$30 for 30 Minutes 

Attachment Removal

$30 for 30 Minutes 

Animal Communication

$30 for 30 Minutes 

Space Clearing

We will come to your location and clear away negative energies, remove attachments, and sent away spirits, then we will bless your location

$75 per Hour


Palm reading




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