Life is better with a good massage therapist

Tara Vogler - LMT

Owner of Sacred Symmetry Reiki and Massage


It is my belief that we are all carrying a lifetime of blocks and traumas. With care, we can discover these issues and release them. Using reiki and intuition, I have been able to hone my unique skills in helping people with this process. I am so excited to add my massage skills to helping clients achieve new layers of healing.


Tara is a newly licensed massage therapist, who combines her natural intuitive gifts into a therapeutic healing massage unlike any other. Tara is also a Reiki Master.


Tara is available Wednesdays, Fridays, and alternating Saturdays for massage. Give her a call to schedule! 208-220-7371

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$45 for 60 minutes

$65 for 90 minutes


Massage Therapist