Our Psychics and Energy Healing Practitioners

Readings from Tara

Tara is a homeschooling mom of five who has worked as a birth doula and breastfeeding counselor.  In the Spring of 2015 Tara found out that she had cancer.  It was during her treatments that she first experienced reiki energy moving within her body.  She began experiencing communications from light beings, ancestors, and spirit guides.  After these life changing events, Tara found mentors and took classes to channel these abilities into energy work skills.  She has since been honored to share these in helping others to find their own paths to healing. Tara is a reiki master who uses reiki energy, guided inspiration, crystals and crystal gridding, and messages from spirit guides and ancestors to assist you on your journey to your own balance and healing.  Tara also offers ancestral healing, chakra balancing, and clearing of energetic cords, attachments, and negative energies.  $30 for a 30 minute session.

The Reverend Mara Pennell

Rev. Pennell is the resident minister for Peace by the River, the Idaho Falls location of The Centers for Spiritual Living.  She leads weekly services every Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM, and is available to perform marriages too!

Readings by Marie

Marie is very in tune with Spirit.  She helps you connect with all of the messages that the Universe has for you with readings from oracle cards and tarot cards.   $30 for a 30 minute session.

Healings by terri

Terri is the shop owner here at Healing Hands Reiki and Massage, a reiki master and a theta healer.  She combines reiki, theta healing, mediumship and psychic readings into one treatment that helps you with body, mind and spirit.   These healing treatments remove attachments and energetic cords; spells, hexes and curses;  cleanse, balance and align your chakras, clean and repair your aura; and convey messages from your angels and guides.  These sessions reduce stress and lower blood pressure, too.  She also provides past-life readings. 


Palm Readings by Shannon Schwartz

Shannon Schwartz is a professional palmist with nearly fifteen years of experience; reading palms of all ages.  Her style is firmly rooted in a traditional two-hand, in-person reading that focuses on helping her clientele identify their strengths and talents.  She has an in-depth understanding of all the major lines and mounts, as well as many rare marks unknown to most palmists.  Her professional career has been heavily influenced by the master palmist Cheiro, who himself studied under the Gurus of India, and is regarded as the foremost expert on the science of palmistry.  



When she isn’t reading palms, Shannon spends much of her time expanding her knowledge of the human hand and is currently working on several topical research projects focused on twins and two-spirit humans.  She also is known for her natural healing remedies, organically grown herbs, and sharing her knowledge of the old ways with others.  Shannon is also an accomplished artist, decorator, and Reiki Master.  She’s an old soul who can connect with all people, leaving them in a much better place than where they had been. 

Reiki With Linda

Linda is a lifelong resident of Idaho. She is an amateur photographer and writer, and is working on her History degree. Linda is an Insight Reiki Master and a level II Usui Reiki Practitioner, and has over 2 years experience.  Linda also reads oracle cards, and does her healing treatments with singing bowls.