Terri Ireland

Terri Ireland
I was an intuitive child, hearing the thoughts of others, seeing into other realms and communicating with nature and animals. The rigors of adulthood took priority and I lost touch with that part of me for many years. A life-threatening illness forced me to a dead stop everything in 2009, and I searched alternative and energy medicine for ways to feel better, and maybe even get better. I was able to reconnect with the light worker inside of me and learn beautiful healing techniques such as Reiki. In 2016, I bought Healing Hands Reiki and Massage and have facilitated the growth of our local healing community. I am so blessed and pleased to be able to help others on their healing journeys and bring them messages from their angels, guides and ancestors.

Readings by telephone

Can't get into Idaho Falls, Idaho?  No worries, I can assist you right over the phone.  $30 for a 30 minute session, and you get the same results as if you were right in my suite!  Use this scheduling link, text or call me at 208-243-9249.

Readings by e-mail

 Clarification with discretion, via email.  $30 for a 3-question reading.  E-mail your 3 questions to psychicidaho@gmail.com, or call me at 208-243-9249 for details.  Response in 24 hours or less.

Healing session

A sweet deal of an energy healing/psychic reading combination. This service combines Usui Reiki, mediumship, psychic readings, soul fragment retrieval, and core belief work into one 30 minute session that restores the flow of Chi to your body, heals and repairs your energy body, balances your chakras, and provides messages from your spirit guides. Text or call 208-243-9249, or schedule here.